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[ Just a kitsune artist that draws mostly female Art ] ♡ I don't take Commissions ♡ DM's only for questions, read F.A.Q. first ♡

27, Female

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❤ |FAQ| ❤


Messages with questions where the answers can be found here won’t be answered, thank you for understanding.

I do not take Requests or Commissionand I only do Art-Trades with close friends sorry.

If I do open for any of these it will be announced with a post.

Please don’t message me for casual conversation, I don’t use sites for that.

If you want to talk you can find me in my public discord or streams.

My Public Discord: BlushStroke Discord Server!! c:

My Stream: picarto.tv/blushstroke

Have a question / Want to know more about me?



❤ Art goal?

My goal is to improve my art skills.

I would like for my mascot Blush to be known and loved and to be part of a nice community ♡

I don't use DA & other sites for casual conversation. You can find me in my public discord or streams.

My discord: BlushStroke Discord Server!!!

My stream: Picarto

❤ Can I use your art?

My art is for personal use only (It can't be used for profit).

So it's ok to use it as a wallpaper, print it out for yourself, use as icon, ...

If you use it as an icon please don't impersonate/RP the character.

❤ May I draw Fan Art / Commission your OC?

Ofcourse, I love it when I see fanart of my ocs!

You may also ship my characters with others but it will be seen as Non-Canon.

I'm okay with SFW & NSFW pictures but nothing negative:


♡ You will only need to link/tag that the oc's belongs to me ♡

If you follow there rules then you don't need to ask me!

❤ May I Cosplay your OC's?

Yes, you will only need to link/tag that the oc's you're cosplaying belongs to me.

❤ May I write Fanfiction feauturing your OC's?

Yes, you will only need to link/tag that the oc's belongs to me.

❤ May I RP using your OC's/ May I RP with you?

No sorry.

❤ Can I re-post your art?

You can't re-post it on sites unless it's a gift/AT or commission for you, if that is the case then you may re-post it with credits.

It's ok to share my art in discord but please dont remove the watermark or claim that you made it (credits is always appreciated).


My art is for personal use only! You cannot use my art to earn money.

You can't sell it even if the art is of your character! Unless we agreed upon it beforehand.

Drawing: Clip Studio Paint

Tablet: KAMVAS GT-191 [V2] - Apple iPad Pro 12.9

Microphone: Blue Yeti

Streams: Streamlabs OBS



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